Prokofiev’s “Alexander Nevsky” at Konzerthaus Dortmund


Tonight, we singers with Theater Dortmund’s opera chorus will join with the Dortmund Philharmonic in the Konzerthaus Dortmund to perform Sergei Prokofiev’s cantata version of Alexander Nevsky, which is based on his music for the film of the same title.

I have to say: this is incredible cool music, and you can hear how music of this era continues to influence movie soundtracks to this day.

Take a listen to a portion here, the “Battle on the Ice” to get a sense of what I mean. It’s incredible music: frightening, exciting, beautiful and chaotic while clearly belonging to the genre of film music.

Auf Deutsch:

Wir Chorsänger beim Theater Dortmund werden heute Abend  zusammen mit der Dortmunder Philharmoniker im Konzerthaus Dortmund die Kantatefassung vom Film Alexander Newski von Sergej Prokofjew singen und spielen.

Ich muss sagen, ich finde die Musik toll. Die Musik ist spannend, erschreckend, schön, and chaotisch, aber es ist klar, dass die gehört zum Genre Filmmusik. Man kann noch das Einfluss heute noch hören.

Hören Sie das Beispiel, das “Schlacht auf dem Eis” heißt, bitte da oben.


More information here. Mehr Informationen hier:

Vaterland” Philharmonisches Konzert

Der Graf von Luxemburg Opens Tonight

Tonight, we’re opening Der Graf von Luxemburg at Theater Dortmund. This is my first experience with the operetta, and I’ve grown to love it. The story is wacky, the characters are charming, and the music ranges from boisterous to luscious.

Our production is fun and energetic with outrageous costumes and gorgeous sets, and my colleagues at the theater have done an amazing job putting it together. I’m really looking forward to performing it before an audience.

More info at Theater Dortmund’s website.

Leb wohl, 2013

2013 Collage

Full year.

Played Jigger in Carousel. Turned 30. Took some amazing voice lessons. Gave some good voice lessons and watched students grow. Saw friends triumph in their creative endeavors. Heard some incredible singing. Auditioned in Germany and took job with Theater Dortmund. Married my Rebekah and saw lots of people who I love dearly all at once or within a few weeks of the wedding. Studied German furiously. Sold nearly everything and moved to Germany. Began work. Sang in Don Carlo, Le nozze di Figaro, Anatevka, and Tannhäuser. Furthered my growing love of photography. Made new friends and doubled my family. Caught more colds in one year than I’d caught in the previous three (sitting at home with one right now actually). Binge watched Star Trek and Community. Played with dogs. Visited my first Weihnachtsmarkt.

Great year.

Thank you for being in it in whatever way you were. Happy New Year and best wishes for 2014.